Stone Creek Neighbors

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Question:  Does the Stone Creek Neighbors organization have a lot of restrictive rules in the by-laws?

No.  We only request that residents follow the Carrollton City Code, which is the responsibility of all residents currently. If you want to give input into the current by-laws, please use the contact form and send your comments.

Question: Will residents be required to join Stone Creek Neighbors?

No, but we hope you do!

Question:  What are the membership fees and methods of payment available?

We request a voluntary contribution of $100 / year, payable in January.  You can pay via PayPal, major credit card, or by check payable to:        Stone Creek Neighbors.  You can drop checks off at 3625 Chimney Rock Dr. (Davidson), 469-358-9761. 

For contact information on payment options click below:                 .