Stone Creek Neighbors


Promoting the general welfare, happiness and civic pride of the real property owners and residents in Stone Creek Estates, in Carrollton, Texas. 

There's still time to make membership contributions for 2021. 

Thank you in advance for your support!

       "Neighbors Helping Neighbors"


Membership is voluntary, and open to any property owner in Stone Creek Estates.  Members shall be considered in good standing if all membership dues are current.  For information on how to join the association, please click here: 

Our 2019 fall block party was a great success!   


We request a voluntary contribution of $100 / year, payable in January.  You can pay here via PayPal, major credit card, or by check payable to "Stone Creek Neighbors".  You can drop checks off at 3625 Chimney Rock Dr. (Davidson). 

Please consult the City of Carrollton website frequently for updates on the latest guidance and reliable information regarding the Coronavirus.   Also, please check in with your elderly neighbors and offer to assist those who may be in need of groceries, or just offer a kind word to encourage those who may be fearful and feeling extremely isolated at this time.

Information and resources about the novel coronavirus, named SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).  


Note from the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Committee 

We hope you are all doing well as we move into summer. We have noticed many of our neighbors are doing landscaping work in recovery from the heavy freeze that we had this past winter.  Kudos to you, there are many nice improvements, and we all appreciate being able to share in your updates. Your property value translates into our shared property values.

One of the Neighbors Helping Neighbors committee persons has done some research on the Dallas Landscape guru Neil Sperry.  He suggests that dead plants are not coming back and that it is time to dig them up and replace them.  Further he adds a few simple rules to help you plan your replacements or total upgrade.

  • Choose plants that are the right height and width for the space when full grown and which will receive the right amount of sun--look at the tag.

  • Choose evergreen plants for the back of the bed, shorter plants for the front, flowers near the door possibly bordering your sidewalk.

  • It may be best to start with more mature plants. 
  • Four larger plants may be better than 6 or 7 smaller plants.

We have shared these simple suggestions with several neighbors lately.You do not have to use an expensive landscaping firm to beautify your home.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is available to assist you with any unanswered questions. Please feel free to reach out to us.  Please email inquiries to or just click on the contact button below.

March Maher
Neighbors Helping Neighbors