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    Stone Creek Neighbors

Annual Meeting Summary - January 18, 2020

Last years accomplishments (Nabil Khawla, President): 

  1. Name change for association to Stone Creek Neighbors
  2. Seasonal plants 2 plantings per year (fall / spring)
  3. Power washing of walls
  4. Street sign toppers
  5. Additional lighting at entrances
  6. Fall block party
  7. Christmas decorations at entrances
  8. Signs to remind drivers to slow down

Review of finances and budget(Dan Davidson):

  1. Reviewed 2019 budget vs. actual expenses.
  2. Proposed budget for 2020
  3. Budget proposal was approved by the membership

Open discussions on neighbor concerns (Nabil):

  1. insurance to cover damages to border walls.  Board has decided to self-insure possible damages due to expense and minimal risk to damage.
  2. Replacement of burned out light bulbs on city provided light posts.  Neighbors can call Oncor and request servicing of the lights

New officer nominations/elections:  The following members were nominated by the committee and approved by the membership.

  1. President – March Maher
  2. Vice President – David Brawand
  3. Treasurer – Dan Davidson
  4. Secretary – Scott Ares

Future projects under discussion:

  1. Security Cameras – Concerns raised about cost.  Board will review cost and determine feasibility.  Cameras will be used for crime deterrent only.  Members approved the use of cameras at the board’s discretion.
  2. Property line on the north side of the neighborhood needs some type of barrier constructed to replace the old dilapidated brick / picket fencing.  SCNA needs a member to lead a committee for the project.

New committee members

  1. Matt Carey volunteered to head up the North End Improvement Committee
  2. Nabil Khawla will help with the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Committee  

January 18, 2020, 10:30 am, Rosemeade Recreation Center, ROOM B-C


We request a voluntary contribution of $100 / year, payable in January.  You can pay here via PayPal, major credit card, or by check payable to "Stone Creek Neighbors".  You can drop checks off at 3625 Chimney Rock Dr. (Davidson)  or 3613 Chimney Rock Dr. (Maher). 

       "Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

Click here to find information and resources about the novel coronavirus, named SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).  



Membership is voluntary, and open to any property owner in Stone Creek Estates.  Members shall be considered in good standing if all membership dues are current.  For information on how to join the association, please  


Promoting the general welfare, happiness and civic pride of the real property owners and residents in Stone Creek Estates, in Carrollton, Texas. 

Our fall block party was a great success!   

There is still time to make membership contributions for 2020. 

Thank you in advance for your support!